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About Rohini Nakshatra:

The Nakshatras in Vedic astrology are lunar constellations, and directly manifest its expressions. The Moon changes signs (houses) about every 2.3 days. It takes 28 days to move through the 12 zodiac signs, translating into two weeks of a waxing (bright half) Moon and two weeks of a waning (dark half) Moon. The Moon is related to our intuition, intelligence and our natural emotions. The 28 Nakshatras deal with these ever-changing feelings and emotions based on the Moon’s position.

Rohini is located entirely within the constellation of Taurus. In the night sky, it is comprised of the bright star known as Aldebaran (Alpha-Tauri). The name Rohini translates as the “Reddish One” which signifies the passionate and abundant warmth of this star. The symbol of an ox cart reflects commerce, fertility, and the ability to carry goods or ideas. Brahma, the God of Creation, is the ruling deity who provides Rohini with a creative and materialistic nature. People born under Rohini have great charisma and use their charm to get the attention of others. The fertile nature of this star helps those born under Rohini to achieve their goals as they have the capacity to express thoughts and materialize creations. The planetary influence of the Moon and Venus give this nakshatra the feminine qualities of receptivity and nourishment. Those born under Rohini have strong family values and an affinity for beauty, art and luxury.

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics:

Great beauty, wealth, artistic

Nakshatra Meaning : Ruddy cow, red, growing

Nakshatra Lord : Moon

Nakshatra Body – VarahaMihira : Legs, shanks

Nakshatra Body- Parashara : Eyes

Nakshatra Symbol : Chariot

Nakshatra Deity : Prajapati-lord of creation

Shakti (power to/of…) : Growth

Nakshatra Caste : Shudra

Nakshatra Nature : The fixed or permanent (Dhruva)

Nakshatra Gana : Manushya (Human)

Nakshatra Names Letter : O, Va, Vi, Vu

Nakshatra Rashi/Zodiac : Taurus (Vrishabh)

Nakshatra Marriage : Auspicious

Nakshatra Translation : The red one

Nakshatra Controlling/Rulling Planet : Moon – Chandra

Ruling Deity of Moon : Parvati

Nakshatra Number : 4

Nakshatra Gender : Female

Nakshatra Gemstone : Pearl

Nakshatra Lucky letters : O & V

Nakshatra Colour : White

Nakshatra Lucky or Favourable Numbers : 2

Nakshatra Common Name : Jamun

Nakshatra Astronomical Name : Aldebaran

Nakshatra Botanical Name : Syzigium cumin

Nakshatra Guna : Rajas

Nakshatra Dosh : Kapha

Nakshatra Element : Earth

Nakshatra Bird : Owl

Nakshatra Yoni/Animal Symbol : A Male Serpent (Sarpa)

Nakshatra Tree : Jambu

Nakshatra Mantra :

Gayatri Mantra : Om Brahmayagyanam Prathamam Purustadwisimatah Surucho Vena Aavah, Subudhnaya Upama Asyavistha Satasra Yonimastasravina ||

Beej Mantra: Om Brahmane Namah ||

Strength: Lovely appearance; attractive; charming; responsible; helpful; friendly; truthful; healthy; socialite; gentle; comforting; soothing voice; morally oriented; good communicator and listener; inner strength; affects others; balanced mind; fixed in purpose; well-educated; financially strong; dutiful to the family; gifted at arts.

Weakness: Materialistic; manipulative; pampered; deceptive; takes advantage of others; sexually or sensually indulgent; critical of others; possessive; jealous; overly sensitive; variable in nature; addictive; indecisive.

Professions: Farming, agriculture, professions for growing and processing food, botanists, herbalists, artists, musicians, entertainment industry, cosmetic industry, beauticians, sex therapists, jewelers, gemstone dealer, interior decorator, banker, transportation business, tourism, automobile industry, oil and petroleum, textile industry, shipping industry, packaging and distribution, and any profession connected with aquatic products and liquids. Famous Rohinis: Krishna, Queen Victoria, Barak Obama, Charlie Chaplin

Favorable Activities: Initiating or beginning anything, healing, self-reflection and improvement, gardening, farming, spending time in nature, travel, marriage, romance and sexual activity, creating structure for material world, buying clothes, jewels, vehicles, financial matters and trading.

Unfavorable Activities: Favorable for most activities with the exception of death and destruction.

Sacred Energy Vortex: Kanchipuram Sri Pandava Dhootha Sri Krishna Perumal

The temple that holds the greatest significance for Rohini star is located in the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. This temple is also in close proximity to the Kumarakkottam Sri Murugan temple as well as the Sri Kamakshi Amman temple.

Rohini Devi attained enlightenment by offering prayers to Lord Krishna with complete devotion. Each of the 27 nakshatras is a wife of the Moon, but Rohini Devi was the very first to marry the Moon. She received this marriage blessing after standing on one toe of her right foot for eons at the Thaanthreeswarar Temple. Rohini also made offerings and prayers to Lord Krishna at the Sri Pandava Dhootha Sri Krishna temple in Kanchipuram. After this Rohini, received true insight and divine realization with the darshan of Lord Krishna, who embodied the entire universe.

The Mahabharatha tells the story of Duriyodhana, who was trying to cunningly overpower Lord Krishna. Duriyodhana attempted to trick Lord Krishna so that he could easily kill him. Lord Krishna, a master of illusion, played along, but before Duriyodhana could trick him, Lord Krishna revealed his true cosmic nature in the form of Sri Pandava Dhootha Perumal. Lord Krishna sits 30 feet tall at this auspicious temple and bestows his grace while embodying the whole universe.

Those born under Rohini star should visit this temple at least once in their lifetime to make offerings to Lord Krishna. It is recommended to offer food to the poor people at the temple as a remedy for karma with friends and family. Krishna’s favorite foods include Adai (rice cakes), Murukku (rice donut) and Seedai (rice, coconut and sesame sweet). It is also suggested to walk around the temple, from the left to the right, and carry a ghee lamp as a remedy to relieve sorrow. This is a temple of abundance and visiting on Rohini Day or Ashtami tithi will bring great benefits of prosperity.

Rohini natives, your incense is made with the herb Jamun as prescribed by the Vedas.

Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you.

Burning the other Nakshatra pillars on that specific Nakshatra day will tune you in with the favorable activities with that star’s energy for the day. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence. It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well.

Rohini Nakshatra Male Characteristics:

The native of the Rohini Nakshatra can be very hot tempered, and then he becomes very hard to control and becomes very stubborn. He does not care for anyone’s opinions in this frame of mind except his own. This native is prone to fault-finding, and is constantly on the lookout to find something to criticize in others. He mostly followed his heart than his brain. However, he is a loving family man and can sacrifice everything for his near and dear ones.

Ashwini Nakshatra Education, sources of income/profession for Male:

The male native of the Rohini Nakshatra, it has been observed, faces a lot to trials and tribulations between the ages of 18 and 36 years. These problems will be on the economic, social and health grounds. These natives enjoy their best phase between 38-50 and 65-75 years. He should be very careful of business partners, or he may be cheated, and always be aware not to confide all his plans to anyone, unless he is fully sure that the person is fully worthy of his trust.

Ashwini Nakshatra Compatibility / Family life for Male:

The native of the Rohini Nakshatra, it has been observed, will not benefit from his father. He is likely to be more attached to his mother and other relatives from his mother’s side. He may not strictly follow religious and moral laws, and therefore it has been observed that his married life usually remains disturbed.

Ashwini Nakshatra Health for Male:

The health of the male native of the Rohini Nakshatra will be vulnerable to diseases related to blood, such as blood cancer or blood sugar. Jaundice and urinary disorders may also trouble him.

Rohini Nakshatra Female Characteristics:

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is well-mannered and well-dressed. Though she is very weak from inside, outside she makes believe that she is a very strong person. This native is pragmatic, but can be very hot tempered and even violent when provoked.

Education, sources of Income/profession for Female:

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is capable of doing any type of work entrusted to her. This native has an average education, and is ideally suited to pursue the profession of a fashion designer.

Ashwini Nakshatra Compatibility / Family life for Female:

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra will enjoy her family life. She will love her husband, which will be equally reciprocated, and children, who will give her great pleasure. However, she sometimes develops a tendency to suspect her husband out of jealousy, and if she does not control this tendency, her marriage can even end up in a divorce.

Ashwini Nakshatra Health for Female:

The health of this native will mostly not cause any concerns. Some minor ailments she may have include leg pain, breast pain, menstrual problems and a sore throat.

Rohini Nakshatra Astrology:

The Rohini Nakshatra ranges from degrees 10-00′ to 23-20′ in the Taurus sign. The Nakshatra emphasizes on spiritual liberation and not coveting anything that is not yours. It translates into “The Red one” and symbolizes a Chariot. This Nakshatra’s ruling planet is Moon.

Rohini Nakshatra Prediction 2019:

You would be very intuitive and focus on becoming spiritually enlightened during this year 2019. However, excess nervous energy and lack of tact may create issues in your personal and professional life. Learning to be open to listening to good advises without fear of being tied down, will release tensions and will also help you achieve more happiness and inner balance during 2019. You will be prone to losing money due to wrong judgments or hasty decisions. You will be incline to study metaphysical subjects. Some anxiety and extreme mood swings can cause health problems. You will need to stay focused on your exercise regime, to avoid health problems.

Rohini Nakshatra Padas:

Rohini Nakshatra 1st Pada: The first pada of the Rohini Nakshatra falls in the Aries Zodiac sign Navamsa ruled by Mars. The focus here will be on obtaining carnal pleasures. The native will also be generous and may even waste money on unnecessary things.

Rohini Nakshatra 2nd Pada: The second quarter of the Rohini Nakshatra falls in the Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. The native here will have a lot of courage to face adversities. He will be very materialistic.

Rohini Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of the Rohini Nakshatra falls in the Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. Here the focus is on arts and business. The natives here can accumulate a lot of wealth.

Rohini Nakshatra 4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Rohini Nakshatra falls in the Cancer Navamsa ruled by the Moon. The focus here is on material and domestic comforts. Travel during this phase can be very lucrative.


MEANING: – Reddish one

SYMBOL: -Chariot

ANIMAL SYMBOL: – A male serpent


NATURE: -Manushya

MODE: – Balanced

GENDER: – Female

DOSHA: Kapha

GUNA: –Rajas



Rohini Nakshatra is listed 4 among all the 27 Nakshatra. Rohini ranges from 10.00 to 23 Tauras sign. The lord of Rohini Nakshatra is the moon. The Rohini Nakshatra is divided into 4 padas (quarters) which are ruled by: –


First pada. Mars Passion

Second pada. Venus Abundance

Third pada. Mercury Resilience

Fourth pada. Moon Comfort


He is a lovable person and can do everything for his closed ones. He is an emotional person who takes his most of decision by heart rather than the brain. He is short tempered, it will be difficult to control him. It has been observed that male native of Rohini Nakshatra faces a lot of difficulties between the age of 18 to 36 years in economic, social and health grounds. He should be very careful with his business partner or he may be cheated. He will be fortunate to have a paternal property. It is noticed that his married life usually remains disturbed. The health of the male native of Rohini Nakshatra will be vulnerable to disease related to blood such as cancer, sugar.


She will be an optimistic person This native can be very hot-tempered and even violent when provoked. The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is well mannered and well dressed. The female native of Rohini Nakshatra is capable of doing any type of work. This native has an average education and best in fashion designing. She will enjoy her family life. She will love her husband and which will be equally reciprocated. She will suspect her husband sometimes which may even lead to divorce also. The health of this native will mostly not cause any concern. She may suffer from leg pain and menstrual problems.

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