The nakshatras are small constellations of stars that the moon travels through as it orbits Earth. In English, nakshatras are known as “lunar mansions.”

Purva-bhadrapada is the 25th of 27 nakshatras. If you were born when the moon was between 20:00 degrees Aquarius-3:20 degrees Pisces, then this guide is for you.


Every nakshatra has its own set of fixed attributes. This includes planetary ruler, nakshatra group, zodiac sign, deity, symbol, and power. The features of Purva-bhadrapada are below:

The Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is governed by the planet Jupiter and is present in 320°00 to 330°00′ Aquarius to 330°00 to 333°20′ Pisces. According to Nakshatra horoscope 2021, you are encouraged to be cautious from the work perspective from the early parts of the year.

Sanskrit Name: पूर्वभाद्रपदा (Purva-bhadrapada) comes from the Sanskrit words पूर्व (early) and भद्र (blessed). One meaning of Purva-bhadrapada is “the early blessed one,” indicating enthusiasm, good fortune, and happiness.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter. In Vedic theology, Jupiter is considered to be the advisor and guru of the gods and is known as Brhaspati. Jupiter is associated with wisdom, virtue, and spirituality.

Nakshatra Group: Humanlike. Nakshatras are divided into three classes — monsters, humans, and gods. Purva-bhadrapada is a humanlike nakshatra. People in this group are generally hardworking and motivated to achieve material success. Although they are generally kind, they can also be vindictive and self-serving.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (1st through 3rd quarter) and Pisces (4th quarter). Aquarius natives are intelligent, idealistic, determined, and philosophically-inclined. Pisces natives are intuitive, empathic, creative, and sociable.

Deity: Shiva. In Vedic theology, Shiva is an expansion of the One God, Vishnu. He is known as the best of Vaishnavas, or worshipers of Vishnu, and he presides over the destructive energy that causes annihilation at the end of the universe. His eternal companion, Goddess Durga, is the presiding deity of the material energy.

Symbol: A funeral bed. This represents death of the self (enlightenment), fire, and transformation.

Power: To uplift those who perform sacrifice. Persons born under the star of Purva-bhadrapada are naturally self-sacrificing and spiritually inclined. With the proper discipline, they can attain high levels of spiritual realization.

Resonant Syllables: In India, the birth nakshatra is traditionally used as one means of choosing the name of a child. The corresponding syllables for the four quarters (padas) of Purva-bhadrapada are Say (से), So (सो), Da (दा), and Dee (दी). The syllable of a person’s first name is sometimes used when calculating an astrological chart if the time of birth is unknown.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The native of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is usually a peace-loving person but flares up occasionally. He likes to lead a simple life. Since he follows strict values, he has to suffer whenever he sees these values being violated. When he speaks, he does not take sides but speaks impartially. He does not blindly believe in religious principles. Although he helps the needy, all he gets in return is hatred and resistance. He is very religious and prays and performs all rituals, as indicated in scriptures. Though he may sometimes be financially weak, he gets a lot of respect from others.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Male: Profession and Related Areas

The native of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is intelligent and has excellent business acumen. The natives employed by the government are likely to gain handsomely by perks, promotions and salary hikes. This native is both socially and financially independent. His most fruitful years will be between the ages of 24 and 33 years. However, his golden phase will be between the ages of 40 and 54.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Male: Compatibility and Family Life

The native of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is unlikely to get his mother’s love. This native can be the cause of the death or separation of his mother. But, it is also possible that he does not get his mother’s full love as she may be a working woman.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Male: Health and Well-Being

The male native of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is prone to paralytic attack, acidity, and diabetes. He is also likely to face problems in the ribs, sides of his abdomen and his feet.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female native of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is sincere when it comes to working. Nothing in this world or the next can shake this native from her principles. She has leadership qualities from birth. It is easy for her to get others to do the work smoothly and to be successful as a leader. Though she is generous and well disposed to help the needy, she will not do it until she is fully convinced that the concerned person is indigent.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Female: Profession and Related Areas

The female native of the Purva Bhadrapada will be educated in the fields of science and technology. Therefore, She is likely to become a teacher or a scientist. However, she may also take up the professions in statistics, astrology or research.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Female: Compatibility and Family Life

The female native of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra will be very attached to her husband and will be blessed with lots of children. She is good at managing the house-hold activities and will enjoy bringing up her children.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Female: Health and Well-Being

The female natives of Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra are likely to face some health issues like low blood pressure, pain in ankles, apoplexy, liver problems, and vibration.


Persons born in the asterism of Purva-bhadrapada are dutiful and determined. They have clear ideals and are willing to work hard to manifest them in the world. Their enthusiasm and visionary qualities make them natural leaders. With their keen sense of logic and powerful oratory skills, they are able to rally others around a common cause.

Purva-bhadra natives are often religiously inclined. However, they tend to seek the essence of religion and may not give as much importance to dogma or ritual. They detest hypocrisy and superficial modes of thinking. They are intelligent, learned, and scholarly, and they employ these traits to carve out their own life path.

You are independent and eccentric in your approach to life. This makes your life interesting, though it may also make your journey more difficult than others who simply follow the beaten path.

Purva-bhadra Careers

Persons born in Purva-bhadrapada can do well in careers that are dynamic and offer a variety of engagements. They have a need for a certain degree of autonomy in their career, but they are good at making money from whatever occupation they choose.

Some ideal professions include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Priest, monk, mystic, astrologer, or psychic
  • Reformer or revolutionary
  • Detective or consultant

Due to their philosophical outlook, Purva-bhadras can sometimes adopt a cynical attitude. If they cannot reconcile their high ideals with the realities of this world, they may become gloomy, depressed, or anxious. They may be harsh and critical with others.

In the face of uncertainty, Purva-bhadra natives may waver in their determination. This is due to their tendency to doubt their own capabilities and also an inborn fear of failure. When defeated, they may become angry and frustrated rather than seeing the experience in a positive light.

You keep to yourself, and others may find it difficult coming close to you. If you are unable to control your stress levels, you may suffer from poor health and mental issues. However, with the right friends and mentors, and with good physical and spiritual habits, you can easily avoid the pitfalls of your lower nature.

Other Personality Traits

Your happiness is inconsistent. The nakshatra of Purva-bhadra spans the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces, which have somewhat conflicting characteristics. For this reason it is difficult for you to settle into a single, stable mode of life. Thus you cannot have lasting happiness on the material platform. However, this can be a powerful impetus to pursue spiritual perfection.

You are good at making money. Your independent nature helps you easily find ways to make money no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

You wish to escape from the normal, expected course of life. You have no interest in riding the conveyor belt of modern life — grade school, then high school, then college, then work, then marriage, then children, then retirement, then old age, and finally death.

You have no permanent home. Your desire for variety and excitement in life may prevent you from settling in a permanent home. Or you may have many homes over the course of your lifetime.

Purva-bhadrapada Compatibility

Purva-bhadras’ sexuality is symbolized by a male lion. In terms of physical compatibility, this makes them an ideal match for persons born under Dhanishta nakshatra.

Based on holistic matching, Purva-bhadras are most likely to find happiness in long-term partnerships with:

  • Rohini (for male natives)
  • Mula

For Purva-bhadra natives in Aquarius (1st-3rd Quarter):

  • Mrighashira in Gemini
  • Ardra
  • Purva-phalguni (for male natives)
  • Chitra in Libra (for female natives)
  • Purva-ashadha (for female natives)
  • Swati
  • Dhanishta in Aquarius
  • Shatabhisha

For Purva-bhadra natives in Pisces (4th Quarter):

  • PushyaAshlesha (for male natives)
  • Chitra in Virgo (for female natives)
  • Anuradha
  • Jyeshta (for male natives)
  • Purva-ashadha
  • Shravana (for male natives)
  • Dhanishta in Capricorn (for female natives)
  • Uttara-bhadra
  • Revati (for male natives)

Note: Compatibility in relationships is a complex science that looks at many different factors. You should always consult with an experienced astrologer who can carefully analyze the charts of both you and your partner.

Purva-bhadra’s Four Quarters (Padas)

Each nakshatra is divided into four quarters, also known as padas, of 3:20 degrees each. These quarters are based on a 1/9th divisional chart, known in Sanskrit as navamsha.

The moon’s position at your time of birth determines the quarter in which you are born.

First Quarter (20:00-23:20 degrees Aquarius): Aries. You earn well and can make money in a variety of occupations. You have an angry streak and can be aggressive in your dealings with others. Nonetheless, overall you are self-reliant and content in life.

Second Quarter (23:20-26:40 degrees Aquarius): Taurus. You are a carefree person and you love to travel and experience foreign cultures. You are highly artistic and have a refined sense of beauty. You enjoy talking with others, though you may develop a habit of gossipping.

Third Quarter (26:40-30:00 degrees Aquarius): Gemini. You are talented and creative, and you have a thoughtful, active mind. You can excel as an entrepreneur.

Fourth Quarter (0:00-3:20 degrees Pisces): Cancer. You have a pure heart and a natural inclination to help those in need. You are drawn to mysticism and spirituality. With discipline you can attain a high level of spiritual realization.

Purva-bhadrapada in Electional Astrology

In electional astrology, also known as muhurtha, nakshatras are used to determine favorable days and times for important ceremonies and events, such as weddings, buying a new house or vehicle, commencing a project, or conceiving a child.

The electional nature of Purva-bhadrapada is Krura or Ugra, “fierce” and “harsh.” Purva-bhadra is an excellent nakshatra for:

  • Giving up bad habits
  • Cutting off toxic relationships
  • Quitting a job
  • Any destructive act, such as weeding or demolition
  • Performing vows or retreats, such as a day of silence
  • Doing any kind of detox or cleanse

Hindu Moon Astrology Forecast 2021 for all Areas of Life of Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Stable growth, steep slide, or hit jackpot? What does the new year have in store for Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra 2021? Let’s find out what the celestial bodies have planned for you in 2021. Find out how this coming year will be for you regarding career and business, love and relationship, finance, and health.

Career and Business Horoscope 2021

Purva Bhadrapada natives, the planets will offer you with great profession possibilities, development, and productive outcomes. This year, all the significant planets are in a good position. Hence, this year is probably going to be reformist for you. The Saturn will transit in the house of gains consistently. Likewise, Jupiter will remain placed in the house of profits in the underlying and the last pieces of the year. Mars will be in a beneficial situation over time, creating auspicious conditions on the professional front. There might be slight delays because of the arrangement of Saturn in your horoscope. On the professional front, you will get anticipated help from your partners and superiors. You are encouraged to keep a stable relationship with them for your advantage. Job transfer is likewise on the cards this year.

Love and Relationship Horoscope 2021

Purva Bhadrapada love and relationship horoscope vow to be ideal for specific difficulties however these will be settled as the year advances. 2021 may keep on being sentimental and intriguing for the wedded natives. They will appreciate the quality time and happy moments with their mate consistently. Nonetheless, the period from January to April’s furthest limit will be phenomenal for your hitched life as the lord of the self house will transit in the house of gains and aspect the house of marriage. Alongside that, Saturn will have its aspect on the house of love and romance, which could cause false impressions and issues in your relationship, whether it’s an affection or a hitched relationship. Likewise, the period will be less ideal for single natives. You may need to sit tight for some opportunity to meet your accomplice.

Moon, which oversees your affection matters, will transit to the first house causing emotional setbacks in your love/married life. Nonetheless, on a positive note, the aspect of Jupiter would bring some excellent time for the Purva Bhadrapada natives. Some of you may even choose to take your relationship to the next level by getting married.

The 2021 love and marriage horoscope encourages the natives to be extremely cautious and thoughtful in their discourse. Additionally, you should be reasonable in marriage and love matters to guarantee bliss in your romantic life.

Finance Horoscope 2021

This year will be moderate, taking everything into account financially. Purva Bhadrapada natives will have the option to keep up economic strength in the year 2021. Notwithstanding, the circumstance will be marginally testing among April and September since Jupiter will be in the place of consumption at those occasions prompting undesirable uses. From June 2021, Mars, the master of abundance, will be weakened in the Cancer sign till July 20, causing some financial hiccups. Saturn, the income house ruler, will aspect the house of self over time, presenting you with stunning chances. Be that as it may, there might be a slight postponement in the resulting cycle because of Saturn’s presence. From April to May, the Sun will transit in Aries sign in the house of wealth. On the off chance that there was a legal case identified with property or some other issue, at that point the choice will doubtlessly be taken in support of you.

Health Horoscope 2021

2021 may not be an excellent year for the Purva Bhadrapada natives all things considered. The top half of the year requests more wellbeing consideration as the planets will be put in an unfavourable position. From March to April, the Sun will transit in the first house of your horoscope, making you inclined to diseases and ailments. The individuals who are experiencing some constant infection should be extra cautious this year. You are proposed to accept your meds as recommended by your primary care physician. Any carelessness on your part can cause difficult issues. Subsequently, following a good dieting design is obligatory to keep the medical problems under control. Likewise, do some light activities routinely in the first part of the day and play out some yoga asanas to build your resistance. An overall clinical wellbeing test is firmly prescribed to maintain a strategic distance from any unexpected future problems. You can now overview all the events in various aspects of life in 2021 and make the new year a fun, happy, and successful year!

Some Interesting Facts of Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Translation: The former one who possesses lucky feet

Symbol: Front of a funeral cot, two-faced man

Lord: Jupiter

Zodiac: Pisces sign (Meen)

Deity: Aja Ekapada — one-footed serpent, horned goat, unicorn

Nature: The fierce or Severe (Ugra)

Gana: ManushyaGana

Mode: Active

Constellation: 25

Body VarahaMihira: Legs

Body Parashara: Left thigh


Letter: Se, So, The, Di

Lucky letters: S & D

Lucky Stone: Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Color: Silver Grey

Lucky Numbers: 3

Element: Ether

Dosh: Vata

Bird Name: Avocet

Yoni/Animal Symbol: A Male Lion

Tree: Neem

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