Saturn In Different Houses

Meaning of Saturn in all twelfth houses

Saturn is the sixth planet that I am going to discuss with you today. In this article, I’ll explain everything about Saturn. I’ll tell you the meaning of Saturn in different houses.

Saturn in Lagna / Ascendant / First House

The First House is called a self-house, it is related to ourselves, our personality, our general health condition.

Planet Saturn is related to struggle, frustration, limitation, stress, delay, disappointments, loneliness, restrictions, and anxiety. Nature wise it is a laborer and hard worker. Saturn takes responsibility at home as well as workplace, they are like a boss on work and as a father at home. Saturn is also a karmic debt of our past life; it shows our past life mistakes and sins. It is the planet of challenges and hardships. Saturn is king and slave at the same time. In body parts, it is related to teeth. It also indicates law and order, structure, discipline, small organizations, and things related to the government.

Let’s explain how Saturn behaves in the first house. Saturn is the planet of struggle and responsibility. When it comes to the first house it means these people took the responsibilities of their home at a very early age. They become mature and serious at a very young age. They are hard workers so, when they start a job, they do it with sincerity, responsibility, and full passion. And they are true leaders and they feel that they are responsible for everything in the world. Saturn is a planet that takes a lot of time to set so, the people related to Saturn will settle in life in the second half. These people are mostly seeing disappointed in the first half of life.

Aspects of the 7th house show delay in marriage. These people normally get married after the age of 30-35. In case if they get married before 30, they may have a problem with kids. Due to their mature nature, they always find a mature and aged partner for them. In business, they find an aged and experienced partner too. The first house is the natural house of Aries, which is the debilitated sign for Saturn so its effects can become more worst sometimes, depends on the other aspects.

Saturn in different houses — Second house

The second house is related to finance, money, social values, family, speech, and throat. This placement of Saturn shows an unhealthy environment at home. Struggle in earning money. It indicates that the family will be very restricted or conservative. They will not get proper care and time from family.

These people can earn but can’t save money if they save some, they will be lost in unusual ways. They may have some problems in communication at an early age. Because of the limitations and restrictions of Saturn they can go far away from the family in childhood. After the age of 35, Saturn’s limitation will be removed and they lead a better life than the first half.

Book A Reading NowAspects of the 4th house indicates a lack of care and love from the mother. They have a lot of problems in early education and acquire property at an early age. A relationship with a mother can also suffer. They can buy their own home and vehicles at a later age. Aspects of the 8th house show trouble in relationships with in-laws till 30-35. These people don’t believe in occult things mostly. This placement shows that Saturn will be restricted to accidents and other mishappens so the person will be long-lived.

Aspects of the 11th house. The 11th house is the house of gains and social circle, and Saturn is the planet of restrictions, so the peoples with this placement show that they have fewer friends. These people can’t get enough wealth in the first half of life but the second half is much better for them, depends on other aspects. It also indicates problems in the relationship with elder siblings.

Saturn in different houses — third house

The third house is related to Short distance travel, skills and hobbies, inner courage, things related to business, information and communication skills, marketing skills, and younger siblings.

This position of Saturn indicates that a lot of problems in communications. Sometimes peoples with this position have great knowledge but they can’s share it with others because of communication issues. They have a problem in both verbal and written both. And they do have not a good relationship with younger siblings, and there is also a possibility that they have no younger siblings. They have a fear to share their feelings with others.

This is not a good position for business also because these peoples don’t like to take the risk, they think a lot before doing any investment.

Aspects of the 5th house show the problem in education and love life. In most cases, they have no love affair before the age of 30-35. Their love life is just like dry desert. They mostly do arrange marriage. This position also indicates long-distance love relationships. They may have a problem with childbirth.

Aspects of the 9th house indicate that the peoples did have not much interest in religion, philosophy, and spirituality in the first half of life. They are more logical people.

Saturn aspects to the 12th house from 3rd house which means they can’t travel or settle abroad before 30-35 years of age. It also restricts the losses and expenses until the mid-30s, so these peoples have minimum expenses.

Saturn in different houses — fourth house

The fourth house is related to home, mother, vehicles, property, peace of mind, homeland, and school friends. Saturn in the fourth house becomes the people’s very disciplined. Because the mother and home environment will be very strict. They will get early education very seriously. The relationship with the mother will not be so good. This position also indicates distance so there is a chance that they will get early education from an institute which is far away from home and they spend their childhood in the hostel.

This is a very good position for the real estate and property business. They will be successful in politics and the real estate business. But it is little stressful for them to buy their own home before the age of 35. Aspects of the 6th house show that they will have a good career in the law field or in medicine-related jobs or business. They would also prefer to do a routine job than businesses. This position makes a person able to overcome the problems of enemies and life.

Saturn in 5th house

The fifth house is related to intelligence, stack market, education, romance, kids, sports, creation and innovation, gambling, and happiness.

Saturn in the 5th house indicates realistic approaches towards life. This position shows delays and obstacles in higher education. These peoples take lots of stress and the burden of everything. They do love, fun, and romance with a burden and responsibility. They always find the hard reality in everything. There is nothing like dreams for them. They believe in real life and love to live in real life.

They like to get arrange marriage than love marriage because they think that marriage is just a responsibility. There is no fun for them in love, romance, and marriage.

Aspects of the 7th house indicate that the person should wait for marriage till 30-35 because in the second half restrictions of Saturn will be removed and they can think much better about the relationship.

Aspects of the 11th house show restrictions in gains till mid-life.

Saturn’s aspects of the 2nd house show these peoples start earning in early life because of family responsibility.

Saturn in 6th house

The sixth house is also called dushtana house and also the Upachaya house. This house is related to enemies, legal issues, obstacles, debts, routine life, disputes, colleagues, and diseases.

This is a much better position of Saturn in the birth chart because it shows victory on enemies, their enemies can’t harm them. These peoples are always dominant in their enemies. These peoples work really hard in their routine life, they do overtime in the office for extra cash. This position of Saturn shows the delay in promotions in job till 35. They can also become good healers or counselors.

Aspects of the 8th house show stress from in-laws. This position also indicates death in early life. Saturn aspects to the 12th house from 6th, so it indicates that the person will isolate himself/ herself and go to the foreign lands for work or routine life.

Saturn in different houses — 7th house

The seventh house is related to Spouse, marriage, partnerships, marital happiness, and marketplace.

Planet of delay, obstacles, and struggle in the house of marriage and partnerships. This position is considered good in case the person will not get married until 30-35. However, it also delays marriage and creates problems in early marriage. Saturn in the 7th house also indicates more than one marriage. In the time of the internet and media, everyone is impressed by Hollywood and Bollywood movies and curious about love and romance.

And they want to marry in the early 20s, they have lots of expectations from marriage. But after the marriage, they realize that there is nothing real in movies. Because marriage is a big responsibility, in the start person take it just as fun but after some time when they start feeling the responsibilities, they will become stressed and unhappy because they are not able to get the responsibilities. So, the dream will be over and this thing can bring the results in the shape of divorce and separation between couples.

Aspects of the 9th house show that they have no interest in religion or spirituality in early life but in old age, they follow a religion.

Aspects of the Lagna indicates that these peoples always try to defeat their own feelings and thoughts. Saturn’s aspects of the 4th house show that the home environment and mother will be more strict in early life which will make a person well disciplined.

Saturn in different houses — 8th house

8th house related to death, re-birth, in-laws, secrecy, occult or hidden things or knowledge, shared properties, or wealth with spouse and transformation.

This placement of Saturn shows secret and hidden love affairs. They are very experts to hide their secret relationships. Saturn in the house of ups and downs indicates instability in the relationship. It also shows illegal relationships in in-laws.

This placement of Saturn also indicates long-lived people. This position also minimizes the chances of accidents and mishappens. This house is related to in-laws and joint assets with the wife so the peoples with this placement have not so good relations with their in-laws and they can acquire a property with a spouse. These people can become good religious and spiritual healers.

Aspects of the 10th house show the instability in a career in the first half of life.

Next aspects of the 2nd house show distance in relationships with relatives and family members. These people mostly stay away from family.

Aspects of the 5th house make a person responsible for their own higher education. Mostly they took their higher education responsibility by themselves. The birth of kids may be delayed.

Saturn in different houses — 9th house

The ninth house is related to philosophy, religion, and beliefs, teachers and gurus, knowledge and wisdom, spirituality, house of fortune, law, and faith Saturn in the 9th house indicates the restrictions on long-distance travel abroad and for religious purposes till the 30-35. These peoples have not so good relationship with the father, it also shows that they will live far away from father. Relationships with teachers and gurus will also be very strict.

They strictly follow the belief which they get at an early age. They can become a good lawyer, there is also a chance that they will get higher education in law from a foreign university.

Aspects of the 11th house show the gains steadily and gradually from large organizations. The next aspects of the 3rd house indicate the problems in relationship and communication with younger siblings in the first half of life.

Saturn in different houses — 10th house

10th house is related to government, king, self-esteem, ego, career, father, top position, and higher authorities The tenth house is the natural house of Capricorn and Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, so Saturn’s energy is increased here. It is a much better placement for Saturn. No doubt Saturn is on the planet of delay and struggle but it also believes in slow and steady progress.

There are many big businessmen’s in the world who have Saturn in the tenth house, they started their work from the little amount and they become a millionaire. But not in days it takes years to become rich, because Saturn’s progress is slow but permanent.

Here I want to share a quote from Abraham Lincoln. He said Saturn is just like this, a person who has Saturn in the 10th house starts business on a low level then learns and increases business gradually and step by step. It gives a person lots of experience and he understands everything about his business and will be successful. On the other side, a person starts a business with millions of invest but he has no experience he can’t handle it perfectly. Saturn’s progress is slow but permanent.

Saturn is a hard worker and these peoples are workaholics, so they give their more than 100% to the work and will get success at any cost.

Aspects of the 12th house can restrict their religious and spiritual growth because of their workaholic nature. Aspects of the 4th house show a very strict environment at home. These peoples get the responsibility of their parents.

The last aspect of Saturn with the 7th house shows very late marriage after the age of 30-35 because their workaholic nature will not allow them to think about any kind of relationship at an early age.

Saturn in different houses — 11th house

11th house is the house of gains, it is also related to income, elder siblings, social circle, friends, income, earning, huge and large companies and firms.

Saturn in the 11th house is considered almost good because the eleventh house is the natural house of Aquarius and Saturn is the co-ruler planet of Aquarius. And also, it is the mool trikona sign so it is much beneficial for Saturn. Saturn creates delay and hard work here too but it is minimum than any other sign. It shows that people gain a good reputation and fame after the hard labor in large organizations. Their friends are mostly aged and mature and will be very helpful for them at later age. They can gain wealth from entrepreneurship in the second half of life.

Aspects to the first house make the person mature in early life.

The next aspects of the 5th house indicate that the person will spend a lot of time far away from children’s which will create distance and problems in the relationship.

Aspects of the 8th house show interest in occult science and hidden knowledge.

Saturn in different houses — 12th house

12th house represents foreign lands, losses, expenses, hospitals, jails, isolation, and Asylums.

This is the house of foreign lands and Saturn is the planet of restrictions and delay. So, this placement creates a restriction on long-distance travel at an early age till 30-35. It is a good sign because Saturn will restrict the expenses also at an early age. These peoples have to face some difficulty in going abroad and coming home from abroad. Like the people who went to foreign countries illegally and they stuck there. So first they struggle to go and then they struggle to come back home.

They can earn a lot from foreign lands but progress is slow and steady. Aspects of the 2nd house create a problem in saving money and relationship with the family in early life. These people mostly stay away from family in childhood. They have a problem with speaking also. The next aspects of the 6th house show victory over enemies. But it can take time and hard work.

Aspects of the 9th house indicate the peoples who leave their studies because of responsibilities or any other problem and they continue at a later age and get a doctorate degree in the second half of life.

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