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ANIMAL SYMBOL the elephant

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GUNA Rajas


Bharani Nakshatra is listed second in all 27 Nakshatras. Bharani ranges 13.20- 26.40 in Aries sign. In astrology, Bharani is ruled by the Shukra. Bharani is comprised of three stars in the constellations of Aries:

35 Arietes


41 Arietes

Bharani Nakshatra is divided into four padas (quarters)which are ruled by: -

First pada: Sun (keyword: willpower)

Second pada: Mercury (keyword: Altruism)

Third pada:Venus (keyword: Harmonize)

Fourth pada: Mars (keyword: Uninhibited)


Male born under Bharani Nakshatra will be loved by everyone. He is a pure hearted person and because of his attitude, he may face a lot of problems. Male born under Bharani Nakshatra are fit for any work, particularly in an administrative job, business, sports, music, art, hotel management. He will attain a high success which he undertakes. He will get married around 27 years of age. He loves his family and fortunate for having a good wife. He does not take care of his health but there is no chance of any serious health problems.


She will possess a clean character she respects her pa and all elder persons. She is bold and optimistic. She will have a mesmerizing figure. She will be a successful guider or saleswoman. She will create her opportunity. She will get married around 23 years of age. She will enjoy her married life with her husband. Her health will be good but she will face a frequent menstrual

About Bharani Nakshatra:

In the Vedic astrology, the Nakshatra’s are nothing but the lunar constellations which directly affect its expressions. The moon also known as Chandra changes it’s houses also refered as signs about every 2days and 8 hours. Each Zodiac sign period is generally 28 days long and out of these 28 days two weeks translating into waxing moon which are the brighter half and the remaining two weeks translating into waning moon which are the darker half. Ones intuitions,natural emotions and intelligence are majorly dependent on the moon’s position and these constantly changing emotions and feelings are dealt by the 28 Nakshatra’s which are based on the position of the moon.

According to the modern astronomy,in the constellation of aries, three stars belong to the bharani nakshatra, namely Arietes -35, Arietes - 39 and Arietes -41. The Bharani nakshatra is an immensely hot star, containing huge amount of fire energy. There are many qualities in the fire element according to the vedic tradition. When fire is initially ignited, bharani possesses its sacred quality. People bor under the bharani nakshatra have the capability to rule as they have the fire burning energy in them. The Bharani nakshetra possesses the quality of an extremists,in whatever they choose to do either puritanical or evil. Therefore, they have the features of the opposite ends of any kind of spectrum. The Venusian energy amongst all the other nakshatra’s is founded by the Bharani nakshatra, giving them immense about of knowledge. The female sexual

Organs which is the yoni is the main symbol of this star. This symbol signifies the sexuality,creativity and the circle of life which revolves around the birth and death of creatures. Bharani nakshetra is like a sacred place for growth and nurturing with the ability to quickly manifest just lik a Womb. They have a very strong character and can handle all the changes in life gracefully. They are really good at collecting information and learning as they have naïve exuberance, but at the same time they generally unable to finish what they have started as theyare highly enthusiastic and eager at starting anything but loose interest as time passes and are also it is quiet difficult to understand their nature. Bharani Nakshatra

The Bharani Nakshatra ranges from 13-20’ degrees to 26-40’ degrees in Aries.

Bharani Nakshatra Characteristics:

Few of the charcteristics of this star are that they aregenerally successful in whatever they do as they are efficient, truthful,hppy and take good care of their health.

Bharani Nakshatra signifies the changes that come from within where in major transformations occur.

The Lord of the Bharani Nakshtra is Venus.

The symbols used to symbolize Bharani Nakshtra is a Vagina.

The deity of Bharani Nakshtra is Yama, which Is the god of death.

The Bharani Nakshtra belong to the Vyshya Caste.

People under the Bharani Nakshtra are fierce or severe (Ugra) in nature.

The people of the Bharani Nakshtra possess the Manushya gana which are humans.

The Bharani Nakshtra body varahamihira is head.

The Bharani Nakshtra body parashara is Forehead.

The Bharani Nakshtra names letters are Lee,Lu,Lay,Lo.

The Bharani Nakshtra rashi or zodiac is Aries also known as Mesha in hindu astrology.

The Bharani Nakshtra marriage is not considered auspicious.

The translation of Bharani Nakshtra are cherishing,supportive and caring.

The controlling or ruling planet of the Bharani Nakshtra is the shukra that is Venus.

The ruling deity of Ketu is Lakshmi.

The Bharani Nakshtra number is 2.

The Bharani Nakshtra gender is Female.

The Bharani Nakshtra gemstone is Diamond.

The lucky letter for Bharani Nakshtra is L

The lucky colours of Bharani Nakshtra are Blood Red .

The lucky or favourable number for Bharani Nakshtra is 9.

The astronomical name for Bharani Nakshtra is 35- Arietis.

The common name for Bharani Nakshtra is Amla.

The Bharani Nakshtra belongs to the Rajas guna.

The dosha associated with the Bharani Nakshtra is Pitta. The element defining the Bharani Nakshtra is earth.

The bird representing the Bharani Nakshtra is the Crow.

The Bharani Nakshtra belongs to the elephant yoni/animal symbol.

The Bharani Nakshtra tree is the Amalaka or AmlaTree.


Natives under this nakshatra are more on the creative end and are artistic. They are clever because of which they are capable to complete tasks quickly and also they enjoy taking up new experiences.they are deliteful and loyal towards their family, friends and closed ones. They have a bold approach towards their work and are very spontaneous and possess good health and live for longer period. They are very talented in whatever they do as they have good leadership qualities and also have a successful public life.


The unfavorable characteristics of these natives are that they are overburdened by responsibilities, restless, amoral, fickle minded as well as clever. They are stubborn in nature as they resist control and restraint from it. They are like children who are vulnerable in nature and like troubling others but at the same time they demand decipline or else they get irritated as they are impatient and have the potential to burnout as they have too much to do and are unable to pace themselves and cannot miss being sexually indulgent, being vane or moralist


The most favored professions by these natives include gynecologist, fertility specialist, child care related jobs like teaching, home care,etc., mortician, obituary writers, homicide detective, estate planning, jobs related to death like funeral services and also they are interested in fields like entertainment, exotic stuff, judgement, sexuality, hotel management, veterinarian, catering, photography, fire fighters, modeling, surgeons, occultists, or natural forecasting jobs like earthquakes and volcano experts also they like doing jobs that involve extreme position of secrecy involved.

Famous Bharanis:

Few of the famous bharanis are Edgar Cayce, Elton John, Zachary Taylor, Karl Marx, James A. Garfield, Imelda Marcos Carl Jung.

Favorable Activities:

The most favourabl activities of these natives are that they are highly spontaneous and creative at the same time and they believe in austerities and spiritual activities and do not hesitate in filing lawsuits or any divorce proceedings which need quick actions, fertility studies and activities that require fire, campaigning and competition.

Unfavorable Activities:

They do not prefer involving in activities like business transactions,negotiations,signing contracts or activities involving beauty treatments, shopping, travelling, doctor appointments which can be categorized as gentle activities.

Bharani Nakshatra Male Characteristics:

The natives born under the Bharani nakshatra are not generally liked by everyone even though they never think negative about anyone and nor do they think of hurting others mentally or physically. They are quite outspoken in nature and always believe in saying the truth no matter what,even if it hurts the other parties feelings. They never go against their conscience even though they face a lot of problems because of that. But also they are of a very forgiving nature specially when asked for apologies sincerely, they forgive immideately and also forget about it and begin a fresh start and start interacting with them as casually as ever.

Bharani Nakshatra Education, sources of Income/profession for Male:

The people of this native do not believe in auspicious or inauspicious timings. After crossing the age of 33 they will notice a positive change in their circumstances .they are all- rounders and can be fitted into any kind of profession whatever it might be related to let it be business ,music ,sports ,administration, automobiles or performing art and advertisement. They can also opt for professions which require serious studies like doctors or judge. At the same time, even businesses like tobacco may interest them. If the business is set on the eastern side of their home it is likely to bring them success.

Bharani Nakshatra Compatibility / Family life for Male:

They are devoted towards their family, but as they are very adamant they could be facing humiliation by their family members. They generally crave for their fathers love and affection but fail to gain it. They generally go to their maternal side uncles incase they need any kind of help and even better help from their friends .They generally get married between the age of 26 to 30 years and will be blessed with more sons than daughters.

Bharani Nakshatra Health for Male:

Coming to the health criteria in the Bharani men, overall they are blessed with good healtheven though they do not take good care of it. But after crossing a certain age period they might face health problems like dental issues,body pains, diabetes, apoplexy, malaria and ring worms. They have a very low diet as they believe in eating to live and not to live for eating.

Bharani Nakshatra Female Characteristics:

Females belonging to this nakshatra generally are pure at heart and have a modest character. They always respect their parents and other aged people in their house and surroundings. They think independently and do not like people to force their opinion on them about what should be done or not done because of which they have a very bold and impulsive character as they do only what they like to do.

Bharani Nakshatra Education, sources of Income/profession for Female:

The female natives that belong to the Bharani Nakshatra are generally self dependent, and believe in earning for themselves. They will be most suitable for jobs like receptionist or a sales woman in a big store or tourist guide. They do not wait for any opportunities they hunt them down themselves and are of the go getter nature. They do not hesitate in fulfilling their desires and are very good and talented sportswoman too.

Bharani Nakshatra Compatibility / Family life for Female:

Females in the Bharani Nakshatra generally get married around the age of 23 year. They are dominating when it comes to taking decisions about the domestic affairs and the best part is that their spouse show complete confidence and trust in their decisions.but they might face problems from the in laws side as sometimes they can be aggressive hence their partners must deal such situations with lot of patience.

Bharani Nakshatra Health for Female:

Coming to health, females of the Ashwini Nakshatra have good health and do not face many problems but are recommended to take care as they may face menstrual problems or uterus disorders and also tuberculosis could be a reason for concern.

Bharani Nakshatra Astrology:

The Bharani Nakshatra ranges from 13 20 to 26 40 degrees in Aries sign or Mesha . Their lord yama who is known as the dispenser of justice because he recognizes what is good and what is bad deeds of a person that they have committed in their life and accordingly decides the punishment or rewards that a person deserves to get.

Bharani Nakshatra Prediction 2019:

In the year 2019, bharani’s will have a very strong urge to reveal their creativity, which either could be constructively or could be destructively. So it’s essential for them to make correct decisions. They shouldn’t be blaming their past, the circumstances they were in or the people around them because it may not help them at all in overcoming challenges. They will be emotionally insecure and difficulties faced by them because of which sometimes they might get dragged into problems unnecessarily. But , as the year 2019 progresses, they will be able to move forward crossing all problems if they learn how to depend on your themselves and not others. Their will be an improvement in their financial status gradually. But also there might be chances of losing money through speculations and through risky trading in the stock market. So, their will be a requirement for a strict financial discipline this year.

Bharani Nakshatra Padas:

Bharani Nakshatra 1st Pada:

In the first quarter of the Bharani Nakshatra which is ruled by Sun and comes in Leo Navamsa. They are very creative and that’s the most significant thing about them. But sometimes they could be very selfish and could hurt people unknowingly.

Bharani Nakshatra 2nd Pada:

In the second quarter of the Bharani Nakshatra which is governed by Mercury comes in Virgo Navamsa. The pada’s main focus is to work hard and they are likely to be altruistic.How much ever complicated the situation is they know exactly what they are doing.

Bharani Nakshatra 3rd Pada:

In the third quarter of the Bharani Nakshatra which is governed by Venus comes in Libra Navamsa. They have the special skill to harmonize with people of the opposite sex and also they indulge in a lot of sexual activities and the maturity of the native they are involved with decides if its good or bad for them.

Bharani Nakshatra 4th Pada:

In the second quarter of the Bharanni Nakshatra which is governed by Mars and comes in Scorpio Navamsa.they are brimmed by energy because of which they are extremely productive and are also vulnerable to discover valuable discovery.but, they should also make sure that their excess energy that they possess does not land in any non destructive or judicious way.

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