Magha Nakshatra: a Complete Guide

The nakshatras are small constellations of stars that the moon travels through as it orbits Earth. In English, nakshatras are known as “lunar mansions.”

Magha is the tenth of 27 nakshatras. If you were born when the moon was between 0:00-13:20 degrees Leo, then this guide is for you.

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Every nakshatra has its own set of fixed attributes. This includes planetary ruler, nakshatra group, zodiac sign, deity, symbol, and power. The features of Magha are below:

Sanskrit Name: मघा (Magha). Some meanings of the word magha are “power,” and “wealth,” indicating good fortune, inner strength, and a strict demeanor.

Planetary Ruler: Ketu. Known in the Puranas as the headless body of the shadow planet Rahu, Ketu is associated with intensity, loss, and transcendence.

Nakshatra Group: Monstrous. Nakshatras are divided into three classes — monsters, humans, and gods. Magha is a monstrous nakshatra. People in this group are generally intuitive, strong-willed, and assertive. They may be prone to anger and violence.

Zodiac Sign: Leo. Leo is famously associated with the king of the jungle, the lion. Leos are powerful, brave, big-hearted individuals who may struggle with pride.

Deity: Daksha, or the Pitris. In Sanskrit, “pitri” refers to one’s deceased ancestors. Daksha is the leader of the Prajapatis, who are considered the original progenitors of mankind and thus the original ancestors.

Symbol: A palanquin or throne. This represents royalty, nobility, power, and wealth.

Power: To renounce. Although Maghas attract much material opulence and success, this nakshatra has the ability to let go. This power is also associated with the ultimate renunciation of the mortal body at death.

Resonant Syllables: In India, the birth nakshatra is traditionally used as one means of choosing the name of a child. The corresponding syllables for the four quarters (padas) of Magha are Ma (मा), Me (मी), Moo (मू), and May (मे). The syllable of a person’s first name is sometimes used when calculating an astrological chart if the time of birth is unknown.


The nakshatra Magha is often considered “the mighty one.” Magha natives are individuals of great power. Leadership comes naturally to you, and your bravery, ambition, and industriousness will likely put you in a position of influence. Wealth and prosperity are yours for the taking.

You have a sharp intellect and are able to understand things on a deep level. You can reach to the depths of any subject, and this sets you apart from being merely intelligent — you are wise. You don’t lead only with force and brawn, but with wisdom and warmth.

People trust you because you are always straightforward and truthful. You don’t hide your motives. You’re unlikely to turn a blind eye to inconvenient facts, since you prefer to face difficulty directly — you take the truth head on and use it to bolster, rather than discourage, your optimism.

You are loyal and loving to your friends and family. You are fair and responsible and never let down the people who count on you. Generally well-behaved and modest, your personal qualities and big heart endear you to those who know you and, potentially, to the masses.

Jyeshta Careers

Magha natives will shine in careers where their leadership abilities are utilized, and where there is the opportunity for growth and advancement. They should avoid careers where they have little or no independence.

Some ideal professions include:

  • Entrepreneur, C-level executive, or manager
  • Politician or lawyer
  • Historian or librarian
  • Public speaker or actor/actress

One of the greatest challenges Magha natives face is their own pride. The strong ego you require in order to achieve your ambitions can also lead to arrogance. Since you are more driven than most people, you will likely end up in positions of leadership — and this can lead you to feel that you are better than others.

When this egotistical nature gets the better of you, you may intentionally or unintentionally hurt others. You have a hot temper and dislike being threatened, and can respond explosively to perceived slights. You can be too outspoken and may be disdainful of others opinions, especially when you believe those opinions present a threat to your own position.

Ultimately, Maghas crave attention and approval. This may come as a surprise to outsiders who see only your strength and confidence. Your incredible drive and ambition stem largely from your need to gain approval from others and, more challengingly, from yourself. Nothing you do is ever good enough in your own eyes.

Your exacting perfectionism could leave you forever unsatisfied if you don’t learn to fully accept yourself, flaws and failings included. Otherwise, you could go through your whole life doubting yourself and being resentful of those you compare yourself to.

Other Personality Traits

You are religious. You are drawn to spirituality and enjoy ceremony and ritual. You are loyal to your religious tradition.

You like tradition. Tradition is something that you believe should be respected. In general, you have great appreciation for past generations and what they have established through their own endeavors. Family traditions are important to you and you will strive to uphold them throughout your life.

You may feel racially superior. Your tendency towards arrogance can lead you to feel that your own racial or ethnic group is superior to others. Try to develop empathy for those who are different from you by establishing friendships with those from different backgrounds and exposing yourself to other cultures.

You are well-served. Your leadership qualities make others naturally follow you. There will probably be many people who follow your instructions and do their best to please you.

You can be authoritarian. You can fall into the habit of acting like your opinion is the only one that matters. This can make you boss others around without due consideration for their thoughts or feelings.

Magha Compatibility

Magha sexuality is symbolized by a male rat. In terms of physical compatibility, this makes them an ideal match for persons born under Purva-phalguni nakshatra.

Based on holistic matching, Maghas are most likely to find happiness in long-term partnerships with:

  • Bharani
  • Krittikas in Aries
  • Ardra (for male natives)
  • Purva-phalguni
  • Uttara-phalgunis in Leo (for female natives)
  • Vishakha (for female natives)
  • Vishakhas in Scorpio (for male natives)
  • Mula
  • Purva-ashadha
  • Uttara-ashadhas in Sagittarius (for female natives)
  • Dhanisthas in Aquarius (for female natives)
  • Shatabisha (for male natives)

Note: Compatibility in relationships is a complex science that looks at many different factors. You should always consult with an experienced astrologer who can carefully analyze the charts of both you and your partner.

Magha’s Four Quarters (Padas)

Each nakshatra is divided into four quarters, also known as padas, of 3:20 degrees each. These quarters are based on a 1/9th divisional chart, known in Sanskrit as navamsha.

The moon’s position at your time of birth determines the quarter in which you are born.

First Quarter (0:00-3:20 degrees Leo): Aries. You have a strong will and like to get your way. You are fiery and intense, and those who antagonize you are likely to get burnt. Whether you are male or female, you possess qualities that would traditionally be referred to as masculine. You are very creative. You can be too hasty, jumping into action without proper planning and overlooking details as you go.

Second Quarter (3:20-6:40 degrees Leo): Taurus. Family means everything to you, and there’s nothing you like better than spending time with them. You are attractive, both externally and internally, and people are drawn to your beauty and charismatic personality. You like the finer things in life and can probably afford them. Once you’ve made a decision, you stand firmly by it and don’t waver in the face of opposition.

Third Quarter (6:40-10:00 degrees Leo): Gemini. The influence of Gemini bestows a cunning and clever mind. You are a gifted communicator in both writing and speech. You enjoy a good battle of wits and can think up a good plan for any situation. You are artistic and enjoy coming up with new ideas and utilizing your artistic talents in a number of ways.

Fourth Quarter (10:00-13:20 degrees Leo): Cancer. The softness of Cancer balances some of Magha’s harsher qualities. You are sensitive — you aren’t as thick-skinned as other Maghas may appear to be and you are very attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others. You have great respect for your elders, knowing that their experience gives them wisdom you can learn from. You are loved by many.

Magha in Electional Astrology

In electional astrology, also known as muhurtha, nakshatras are used to determine favorable days and times for important ceremonies and events, such as weddings, buying a new house or vehicle, commencing a project, or conceiving a child.

The electional nature of Magha is Krura or Ugra, “fierce” and “harsh.” Magha is an excellent nakshatra for:

  • Giving up bad habits
  • Cutting off toxic relationships
  • Quitting a job
  • Any destructive act, such as weeding or demolition
  • Performing vows or retreats, such as a day of silence
  • Doing any kind of detox or cleanse

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